About The Alliance of Canadian Building Officials’ Associations

The Alliance of Canadian Building Officials Associations was founded in 1996 to provide Building Officials with a national body devoted to developing nationally recognized education and certification standards and programs.

This, in turn, would provide a consistent and uniform approach and understanding of code application across Canada and increase the level of professional recognition of Building Officials. The strength of a National Association having a unified voice would result in more effective communication and liaison with industry and government along with increased influence on national issues affecting Building Officials.


1104, 2018

CCMC MgO Board Advisory – March 2018

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The following documents have been revised to reflect the fact that the product GreenE-Board™ (CCMC 13417-R), manufactured by Southern Cross Technologies, Inc., is no longer included in the CCMC Registry of Product Evaluations. As of January 2018, the CCMC Evaluation Report for this product has been cancelled. Please note that all references to this product have been removed from the [...]



To unify training and education of building officials across Canada.


The mission of ACBOA shall be to promote the profession of building officials and the uniform application and interpretation of building codes within Canada.


  • To establish a coordinated national approach to the education and certification of Building Officials across Canada.
  • To act as a voice and serve as a national contact for various government agencies and the construction industry on matters pertaining to the interests of its members.
  • To promote and market the profession of “Building Official” and their role and responsibility in the building environment.
  • To provide a national forum for Building Officials to both discuss and present a unified position on issues which affect Building Officials across Canada.
  • To establish a recognized forum to provide input on global issues which may have an impact on the profession of the Building Official.