Getting Certified

A National Certification Program will lead to safer buildings, more recognition and a better public image for professional building officials. The program will also reduce your exposure to legal action endured by municipal governments and others when projects are delayed or not up to code.

What is the certification process?

There are three stages to the National Certification Program for Professional Building Officials: Associate and Certified.

How to apply.

Individuals apply to the ACBOA’s National Certification Council (a council consisting of building officials as well as other municipal officials).

How do I become an Associate?

The skill sets required to review plans and conduct inspections differ with each class of building. You can become an Associate in one or more of the following specialties, which refer to different types of buildings.

More Details on our How To Become An Associate page.

How do I become Certified?

Becoming Certified requires minimum time as an appointed building official plus a minimum number of inspections and/or plan reviews according to the area of specialty Associates must maintain a log to verify that the inspections and/or plan reviews were conducted. Associates can be certified in more than one area of specialty

How To Apply

Associates can apply to ACBOA’s National Certification Council for Certified status in their area(s) of specialty. An individual certified in all three areas is recognized as a Canadian Registered Building Official.

If you would like to be considered for placement in one of the stages of certification, present your personal background to ACBOA’s National Certification Council in the form of a completed application. Your experience and training will be compared to certification requirements to determine your standing. An application in pdf format is included for your convenience.

How To Maintain Certified Status

Comply with a National Code of Ethics.

Stay current by passing an exam within three years of the introduction of a new code.

Complete a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education or service to the National Certification Body (or affiliated organizations) within a five-year period.

A complete overview of the National Certification Program for Professional Building Officials is included for you on this site and can be downloaded at your convenience.