Frequently Asked Questions

Why Be Certified?

A National Certification Program will lead to safer buildings, more recognition and a better public image for professional building officials. As well, your skill will be recognized anywhere in Canada. The program will also reduce your exposure to legal action endured by municipal governments and others when projects are delayed or not up to code.

What is the Alliance of Canadian Building officials?

Through the years, we’ve worked with the Construction Sector Council (CSC), the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and industry stakeholders to develop national standards and a certification process for building officials. We are the guardians of these National Occupational Standards (NOS) and the National Building Officials Certification program. Through us, you can become a certified building official.

What is the process?

There are three stages to the National Certification Program for Professional Building Officials:

Candidate, Associate and Certified.

A complete overview of the National Certification Program for Professional Building Officials and an application form, is included for you on this site and can be downloaded at your convenience in the section, Getting Certified.